About us

The IHT Flamingo Technology Commercialization Center was established with the aim of commercializing High-tech products. By providing the raw materials, knowledge and technology needed by the country, the center is trying to help technologists and industry leaders to communicate with international companies in order to get leading technologies into the global market. This center has come to the forefront by employing skilled and experienced personnel in a variety of fields, including the rights of new technologies, commercialization of technology, technology valuation and intellectual property. The center is ready to provide a variety of services in the field of commercialization of technological products, market research, trade advice for exporting products to Europe and vice versa, laboratory services and obtaining licenses, technology exchange, attending specialized exhibitions in Europe, consulting for joint cooperation In R & D activities, consulting services for the establishment of High-Tech companies in Turkey and vice versa, the presence of Turkish companies at the Nanotechnology Festivals, legal advice on exporting products to Turkey and vice versa, technology valuation, negotiation and regulation of contracts and legal instruments.