Legal and technology valuation services

Due to the importance and legal delicacies involved in setting up a variety of contracts, the need for an expert advisor from the negotiation phase to the conclusion of the contract is felt with the companies. The Advanced Iranian-Turkish Commercialization Center is ready to provide services in this area, utilizing the expertise and experience of the people in the “Internal and International Legal Services Department”.

The legal and contractual services of the company are available in three parts: “Negotiation of contracts and legal documents”, “Contracts and legal documents” and “Legal advice”.

The determination of the value of intangible assets may be required due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Ranking and selecting a limited number of proposed projects due to scarce, valuable and limited resources
  • Deciding whether or not to undertake further research and development
  • Provide some of the information needed to attract private funds and government grants
  • Determine the amount of royalties (concession award)
  • Determine the contribution of the company to the technological partnership
  • Report asset value for management purposes
  • Taking account of intangible assets
  • Determination of damages and damages caused by violations of intangible assets and intellectual property rights